Villa Park Estate Sales

Lainey Stern




Some estates are clean and easy. 

Some are not. 

The challange sometimes is a "Hoarders" Estate. First, let me say that this is not a opinion or mind set, but a illness based on the evidence left behind. 

The owner of the house we have been working on for 4 weeks was a High School Guidance counselor but also a Hoarder. He wen to sales and bought what pleased him. There was not food or garbage in the house, just tons of everything. Several plastic sheds outside full to overflowing and a large storage shed full of Golf bags, clubs, balls and  memorabilia

This is what we do.


We organized all items,  matched all the items with their boxes and catagorized. 

Cleared all rooms of trash, paperwork and misc..


Here is what it looked like when both sales were over.